Your Passion Is Your Purpose

You receive from it, the same way you add to it. Okay, let’s say for instance, four people want to put all of the apples they pick together to bake apple pies, and their working habits will depend on how many of the cooked pies they can receive. It will take 10 apples to make each pie. The four people picked a total of 1000 apples, at 10 apples to make one whole pie, this equals 100 whole cooked pies. The Passion and Purpose results are as follows:

  • 1st person: picks 400 apples = 40 pies
  • 2nd person: picks 300 apples = 30 pies
  • 3rd person: picks 200 apples = 20 pies
  • 4th person: picks 100 apples = 10 pies

Just think, suppose someone offered to buy all of those pies at $10.00 per pie. The person that worked the least will still make $100.00, but the person that worked the most will make $400.00.

We must understand, that if we are not adding to the universe, we will notice things in our lives drying up and getting worse. However, if we are adding to the universe with our time, passion, and commitment to others, the world will offer us abundant opportunities to blossom into.

We should also be living our lives surrounded by people who are trying to accomplish things, by being grateful, service-oriented, and who are also willing to bring something to the table.

We create opposition within ourselves when we accept self-doubt, lie to ourselves, procrastinate, comparing ourselves to others, and also by allowing anything that gets in the way of us becoming who we were created to be.

We will be covering topics concerning, or about:

  • Passion
  • Occupational Motivation
  • Purpose
  • What is the purpose of creating a website?
  • What is the purpose of designing websites?
  • What is the purpose of Wealthy Affiliate?


Action should be our prescription for moving forward when it comes to passion. When we think about the word Passion, one might start to think, definitively, what is passion?

Passion is a very strong feeling of intense enthusiasm about, towards or a compelling desire for someone or something.

If someone desires for something, In whatever context, a strong desire for something and that desire has some strong feeling or emotion, it is so defined, in terms of passion.

Occupational Motivation

Individuals might have a feeling of motivation or aversion by different reasons where occupational motivation is concerned:

  • motivated- which is the experience of desire
  • aversion- which is a strong feeling of dislike, opposition

It has been said that when people enjoy their profession, and are really motivated by their passion, they seem to be more satisfied when compared to those with the opposite environment, about their work and more times than less, they also seem psychologically healthier. Many may prefer to work extreme hours because of how passionate they are about their occupation.

However, unsatisfied employees may also tend to be dissatisfied with their family relationships because they work extreme hours that put a strain on family relationships and friendships. As a result, they may often they may often create more excuses, impede their own journey to success all while experiencing psychological distress.


When we decide to commit ourselves to carrying out an action or maybe several actions in the future, we have, at that point, created our purpose. as social structures change, the purpose of education is to learn to reason and find one’s passion.


What is the purpose of creating a website?

Perhaps it is to convince visitors that they should become customers of the website(s) through the creation of helpful content, many times this is done by the owner(s) who position themselves as dependable, by providing a trust worthy and experienced service provider in the target market(s).


What is the purpose of designing websites?

The important of web design is to impact how your audience perceives your brand, therefore, the impression you make on them may cause a targeted audience to remain on your page in order to learn about your business, or if they lose interest, leave your page in search for a more interesting competitor.

In this case, your purpose would be to create a really good web design that will be interesting enough to help you keep your targeted audience’s attention in order for them to remain on your page.

What is the purpose of Wealthy Affiliate?

As an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) working along-side other affiliates, I think it is safe to say that we all want better lives for our families as well as ourselves. I can’t think of any other reason that we would have signed up. At some point, we all ended up searching the Internet for some reason or another.

Maybe, it was because we figured that we needed to find a positive way of existing that was different from how we have been existing, in search for the fulfillment of our purpose. At some point we probably knew that there was a bigger something else out there with a greater meaning that was better than what we were already doing. We may have even asked ourselves, “What is my purpose in this life?”

These may be some of the questions that we may have asked ourselves while we were searching the internet for ways to become successful, whatever that is to us, online.

It is my hope, that after reading this post, you will have answers to these questions.

There is great training and lessons at Wealthy Affiliate with some of the best tools for beginners, tools that will help you answer the question, “What is my purpose in this life?”

Organizations must have a purpose in order to survive, they must have a reason, as well as a motive, for their existence. Wealthy Affiliate has a name that has a number of us thinking of abundance, having more than enough money, becoming rich beyond measure, so on and so forth, and this is just dealing with the first half of the name. The purpose of “Wealthy” in Wealthy Affiliate actually provides an abundance of tools and training support with opportunities to help with building a successful business.

The purpose of “Affiliate” in Wealthy Affiliate means, to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch.

With Wealthy Affiliate’s abundance of tools and training support in addition to bringing or receiving into close connection as a member or branch, I’d say, any question about it’s purpose is most definitely answered, and yours will be also when you join, and start building you brand.

In Conclusion

When figuring out our passion, maybe we should ask ourselves;

What is it that we have a very strong feeling of intense enthusiasm about, towards or a compelling desire for?

The next thing we might want to do when trying to figure out our purpose, is ask ourselves;

What is it that we decide to commit ourselves to while carrying out an action or maybe several actions in the future?

Once we figure these two things out and put them together, then, and only then, we will be able to really understand that Your Passion Is Your Purpose.

I hope that you have really enjoyed this post, you might also be interested in other information which can be found in JMJ45TECH’s ONLINE STORE.


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10 thoughts on “Your Passion Is Your Purpose

  1. This is a great way to view our affiliate marketing projects. I like the analogy of the apples and apple pie. (and now I’m craving apple pie, by the way)!

    I do believe that passion leads us to our purpose and continues propelling us. Without that passion, it’s just a job, even if that job is our own business. We see this in other parts of life, too. If you are really passionate about something, you are more apt to put your entire heart and soul into it, which will then deliver more incredible results than someone just doing a job.

    Thanks for the reminder and the easy way to remember it all.

    1. Greetings,

      Thank you for reading, commenting on Your Passion Is Your Purpose, and for considering it a great way to view our affiliate marketing projects, it is definitely my pleasure to bring content of this caliber to your attention, as well as others who are interested. 

      You are most certainly welcome for the reminder,

      Blessings And Unlimited Success To You!

  2. Hi Jerry. 

    Thanks for your inspiring article, I enjoyed every word of it. You are absolutely right, without passion and purpose any success is unlikely. You have put a lot of work into this website and there are a lot more posts I will come back to read. We could all do with a reminder every now and then about these things, and you have reaffirmed to me that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. 

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi,

      You are welcome for this inspiring article, I am pleased that you have enjoyed every word of it. Thank you for the admiration of my efforts, as I am continuously creating as much relative content that comes to mind. 

      It really pleases me that you find another post on to be informative, as well as useful. Thank you as usual, for utilizing a portion of your time to read and comment on Your Passion Is Your Purpose.

      Stay Charged and Focused My Friend!

  3. It’s true, 

    there is nothing else that can drive purpose than passion. Getting up out of bed everyday to go to a job that isn’t exciting is one of the most unfortunate things in life. It saps your joy whilst taking up almost all of your time. 

    I like your illustration of the apples, the more passionate you are about doing something the more you put in and get out in return. I like Wealthy Affiliate because it gives the chance for you to discover your passion and make something out of it.

    1. Welcome, 

      I’m glad you liked this information, and I am also glad I can display my thoughts about these things on here and know that there are people like yourself who can get something out of it. Thanks for taking the time to read it. And I hope you’ll enjoy future post as well. 

      Sincere Blessings To You My Friend!

  4. Jerry,

    You are so right about passion and purpose. 

    Our passions motivate and drive us to exceed our expectations sometimes. Boredom is non-existent and one´s creative juices can flow.

    However, only a small percentage of people are passionate about the work. Most people take jobs or get into careers to meet their responsibilities and live a certain lifestyle.

    The Wealthy Affiliate core concept is about passion. About choosing a niche that you are passionate about so you can run your business full speed ahead. If you just choose any old niche your initial interest/passion will wane and that can become frustrating.

  5. Our greatest enemies are not people but procrastination, low self esteem, self doubt and insincerity to ourselves. 

    Once we overcome this enemy, we can then begin to channel our strength in the right direction. Then we can focus on our strength and develop our passion and discover our purpose. 

    I am glad you found yours with Affiliate Marketing 

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for stopping by, and you are welcome to join Wealthy Affiliates Premium! 

      By going Premium you are not limited on what resources can be used. You have access to it all. In time, you will find you have made an even greater decision than you have originally thought.

      You are most certainly welcome for this information.

      All The Best,


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